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Greetings! Our programs are designed and coordinated rather than taught, project-oriented rather than note-centered, active rather than passive.  Participants develop their inner resources rather than submerge them.  The focus is on development of an organization's own inner potential rather than on the influences of outside "experts". 
After all, who knows your own organization and its needs better than you and your organization.


Our slogan is:    "Important Minded People Excel and Learn."


I offer training for your professional and private life. Often, these two areas of your life are interrelated, but it might still make sense to focus on just one of the two areas first. Let’s talk about it.

Call me without any obligation: 1.734.717.62411.734.717.6241

Seminars & Workshops


  • Building Effective Communications Skills

  • Developing Personal Leadership

  • Motivation

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Building Motivation

  • Set Expectations/ Goal Setting




  • Balancing work and family

  • How to say no without feeling guilty

  • Making peace with the mirror

  • Setting parental goals

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